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    Whole Grain Medley Santa Fe Chicken Rice Quesadilla Recipe


    Whole Grain Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla Recipe


    • Quick/Easy Meals (UNDER 30M)
    • Stovetop
    • Ready Rice
    • Microwave
    • Healthy Options
    • Family-Friendly
    • Chicken/Turkey
    • Chicken
    • 5 - 15 MIN
    Whole Grain Medley Santa Fe Chicken Rice Quesadilla Recipe
    • Servings
    • Prep
      5 – 15 minutes
    • Meaty


    About this dish

    A family-favorite dish you can't help but eat with your hands. It's loaded with black beans, corn and peppers from our READY WHOLE GRAIN MEDLEY™ Santa Fe. Want another reason to try it? The prep time is only 5 minutes!



    1. Heat rice in microwave according to package directions.
    2. Making one quesadilla at a time, heat tortilla in large skillet. Sprinkle 1/4 of the cheese, 4 chicken strips and 1/4 of rice over tortilla.
    3. Fold tortilla in half and continue to heat on both sides until cheese has melted.


    Amount per serving (4 total)

    Calories: 390
    Total Fat : 12g 18%
    Saturated Fat : 5g 25%
    Trans Fat : 0
    Sodium: 900mg 38%
    Carbohydrates: 39g 13%
    Dietary Fiber: 4g 16%
    Sugars: 1g
    Protein: 26g
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